Can Pokmon Go Lead to Bitcoin’s Mass Adoption?

Pokmon Go, an augmented reality mobile game, which has been released less than two weeks ago, is quickly turning into a cultural phenomenon. As millions of people are downloading and playing it, a question can be raised: can Pokmon Go be used to improve Bitcoin’s rate of adoption?
Childhood fantasy turned into reality
Pokmon Go makes clever use of a smartphone’s camera and GPS navigation to create an augmented reality environment, and allow its players to catch Pokmon in real-life locations. By tapping into Game Boy nostalgia and fulfilling a fantasy of a world inhabited by real Pokmon, the game has managed to achieve unprecedented success.
According to Fortune, as of July 11, 6% of all U. S.-based Android owners were playing Pokmon Go, easily beating such giants as Netflix, Pandora, and Twitter, all just within five days after the app’s release. On the next day, it hit 21 million active users in the US, breaking a previous record of 20 million, held by Candy Crush Saga.
On July 15, more than 1 million players were active in the Netherlands, and that’s even without the app being officially released in the country at that time!

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-07-19.

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