Research: US Blockchain Industry Big on Bitcoin, UK Most Diverse

Research suggests that while the U. K. may be behind the U. S. with the number of blockchain startups, it leads the way in diversity compared to any other country.
The world’s first blockchain startup tracker was introduced by Outlier Ventures in May of this year. Its aim was to provide a comprehensive overview of the various projects and information regarding the nearly 1,000 blockchain startups across the globe.
Interestingly, while many may think that the U. K. has the highest number of blockchain startups, it is, in fact the U. S.
According to Outlier Ventures blockchain tracker, it found that after listing the country and region of all the blockchain startups, the U. S. came in with just under 40% while the U. K. only recorded 16.7%, which was significantly better than Canada’s third place with 3.3% and China’s fourth place with 3.2%.
However, despite the fact that the U. S. may be ahead when it comes to the percentage of blockchain startups, Outlier Ventures state that London is the blockchain FinTech centre for a number of reasons.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 18/07/2016.

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