Donald Trump May Spell Bitcoin’s Triumph : Juniper Research

A recent report by Juniper Research forecasts a three-fold increase in bitcoin transaction volumes this year if Donald Trump’s prospects of winning the presidential elections increases. Read more…
The upcoming presidential elections in the United States may just be the thing Bitcoin wants right now. The domestic and foreign policies of the presidential candidate Donald Trump may increase the usage of bitcoin by three fold.
Contrary to the speculations from all quarters, the value of Bitcoin has remained steady since mining reward halving. Those who were expecting a sudden increase in the bitcoin price are forced to hold back their digital assets as the market has disappointed them so far. But there is another silver lining around the corner, says a recent research report.
Juniper Research, one of the leading market research and analysis firm based out of the UK has in a report titled ‘The Future of Cryptocurrency – Deep Dive Data & Forecasting 2016-2021′ predicted the volume of bitcoin transactions to hit the roof in the later part of this year. The increase in bitcoin transaction volumes will possibly be driven by the increasing prospects of Donald Trump winning the presidential elections.

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