Bitcoin-Based P2P Lending App CredibleFriends Raises 40% Of $250,000 Crowdfunding Goal

CredibleFriends, a P2P lending app that lets people lend bitcoin to friends, has raised $100,006 of its $250,000 fundraising goal on BnkToTheFuture, surpassing the $100,000 needed by July 15 to ensure the funds pledged will be deposited. The app allows users to extend credit to friends and earn interest in the process.
There is a Youtube video on the website, and on BnkToTheFuture.
‘Credible app is a tap and lend solution,’ said Zach Doty, founder and CEO of CredibleFriends, in a video on the BnkToTheFuture website. ‘We’re a social platform that’s actually usable for every day spending.’
Anyone Can Extend Credit
‘Uber lets anyone play taxi. We let anyone play credit card company,’ said Doty. Existing lending platforms are very complex and not usable for day-to-day spending, he noted. ‘If you’re at a gas station and you’re short on cash, you don’t grab your phone and open up the Lending Club app. Their loans take seven days and they don’t have an app or a credit card.’

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 13/07/2016.

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