Do Not Panic Over 2% Bitcoin Price Dip After The Halving

Comparing this minor 2% price dip to the Bitcoin price over the course of the past few years, it is a small blip on the radar. Volatility has been kept to a minimum during this milestone event.
Now that the Bitcoin halving is behind us, the community can breathe a sense of relief. Although no issues were expected, one never knows how markets and miners will react during these historic situations. Albeit the impact on the Bitcoin price is fairly minimal, WSJ reports a 2% decline since the halving.
Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin enthusiasts and experts have been looking forward to the block rewardhalving. Roughly every four years, the block reward will be cut in half. This was the second time such an event took place in the history of Bitcoin. Despite what many people initially assumed, the markets did not budge by much.
A Small Bitcoin Price Dip Means Nothing
That being said, there is a small dip to be noted on the Bitcoin price charts. While a 2% decline is not exceptional, some people may see it as a possible sign for the future. Then again, Bitcoin industry experts predicted there may be some volatility in the wake of the halving, but the long-term effect should be a price increase.

This post was published at NewsBTC on 9:00 pm July 11, 201.

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