The Bitcoin Community Celebrates the Second Halving

1h before #bitcoin #halving in #Paris
— Albin CAUDERLIER (@AlbinCAUDERLIER) July 9, 2016

Update: Article updated to include details of block #420,000.
Everyone is in a party mood today as the rate of bitcoin production just reduced by 50% for only a second time in Bitcoin’s history.
Celebratory parties are being held across the world, from Israel to Taiwan, with numerous events held in US and Europe. Meanwhile, almost all bitcoin-related public spaces feel like a giant online party as all eyes turned to the rocket ticking clock.
Block 420,000 was mined by Chinese bitcoin miner F2Pool, installing the milestone of the first reduced block mining reward since 2012. The block contained 1,257 transactions, with an estimated transaction value of 1,688.69 BTC.
With block 420,000, almost 80% of all bitcoins ever are produced and the inflation rate dropped to 4.17%, translating to just above 650,000 btc a year or slightly more than $400 million at the current price, according to Bitcoin’s wiki. The third halving period, around 2020, will bring inflation down to less than 2% with almost 95% of all bitcoins mined in just 8 years from now.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 09/07/2016.

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