Bitcoin to Revamp Toronto Raptors’ NBA Franchise

The Toronto Raptors came within a few wins [6 in fact] of winning the NBA title this season. However, with their limited Canadian basketball market, and the competitive American rivals, could they follow the Sacramento Kings and find a way to improve their marketing? If they adopt a Bitcoin payment system, signing up stars like DeMar DeRozan will prove no problem. They’ll soon have aspects that make them far more appealing than fellow American sides, meaning they could revamp the entire Raptors franchise by a simple financial transition. If Kings billionaire owner Vivek Ranadiv deems it a financial asset worth placing in the teams vast options, perhaps Toronto should follow on.
The Kings were [and are] in a much worse position than the Raptors. However, vast improvement came soon after the investment in their Bitcoin system. The simple change has helped them wonders, and it could be the difference in extra fans, more money and better players?
Mark this down- They came 6 games short. A simple change like Bitcoin could be the difference as strange as it sounds.
Bitcoin would allows fans, players, and executives to transfer digital money, and to offer rewards for various tasks. The Raptors could even offer bitcoins to fans in return of free advertising or blogging etc. The possibilities are endless, and we believe they’d offer a huge advantage in the Canadian market, competing with the American basketball market.

This post was published at NewsBTC on 2:46 pm July 7, 201.

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