Bitcoin Remittance Startup Freemit to Close Amid Funding Shortfall

Bitcoin remittance startup Freemit is officially closing its doors, two years after it first began an effort to build a remittance service.
CEO John Biggs, a former editor for TechCrunch, said that the decision to shutter the operation came after a “perfect storm” of a lack of a viable product to show investors and, consequently, the inability to raise funds.
Though Biggs said he’s not disillusioned with the technology as a result of the experience, he warned that he believes bitcoin entrepreneurs are giving up control of a technology meant to empower consumers to large banks.
Biggs told CoinDesk:
“You don’t want to start a bitcoin company right now. There’s a short window between when banks are going to start taking over and when guys with new functionality are going to be able to contribute.”

This post was published at Coin Desk on July 7, 2016.

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