Plugging Bitcoin, Xapo Capitalizes On Argentina-Uber Dispute

Xapo, a bitcoin wallet that claims the largest capitalization in the bitcoin industry and a reputation for not fearing controversy, has jumped into Argentina’s battle with Uber by allowing Uber Argentina to accept Xapo card payments.
Uber sent a tweet on July 3 saying ‘Pay your trips with Bitcoin! Loading your card @Xapo obtains a $ 30 discount on your next trip without code.’
Xapo: No Official Statement
Xapo has not made an official statement on the offer yet, but it did email some customers about the partnership, according to razorsforex. Xapo provided discount codes for riders to use in Argentina. The email, posted on Reddit, stated: ‘Our special alliance with Uber Argentina gives you important discounts. Add your Xapo card in Uber and use these codes to get discounts.’
Uber customers can use the code ‘BTCBA’ for a 30-peso discount on their next ride, while new customers can use ‘UBERconBTC’ for a 1000-peso discount on their first ride.
The action demonstrates Xapo’s lack of fear for controversy. By allowing Argentines to pay for Uber rides, Xapo demonstrates bitcoin’s anti-censorship features.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 06/07/2016.

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