Flavours Place, an Online Marketplace to Buy Coffee and Tea with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: Coffee and tea loving Bitcoin users can now buy their favorite produce on the online marketplace Flavours Place while supporting farmers worldwide. July 6, 2016 Kowloon, Hong Kong – Flavours Place is a brand new online marketplace selling a wide variety of coffee and tea collections otherwise unavailable in the market. The online platform allows users to purchase the exotic coffee and tea blends directly from the farms using Bitcoin. Flavours Place is dedicated to all the coffee and tea lovers and producers from across the world, giving it the flavor of a community marketplace. In addition of these two beverages, the platform also offers some of the best varieties of spices and cocoa to its customers.
The platform is a socially conscious business, that also cares for the farmers and traders whose sole livelihood is their produce, highly in demand among the connoisseurs. Most farmers are currently dependent on established supply and wholesale distribution channels to push their produce to the market. Most of the proceeds from selling the produce to the end customer goes to these middlemen as commission for helping the product’s entry into the market. Flavours Place is determined to change the practice and ensure that the producers get fair returns for the efforts they had put into growing these produce. Flavours Place also welcome importers who deal directly with farmers, small batch roasters and likeminded companies that shares the company’s socially conscious business model.

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