Could a Trump Presidency Boost Bitcoin Prices?

U. S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump is certainly not a man afraid of causing a stir in the world’s economies, and that, apparently, also extends to the world of digital currency, namely, Bitcoin.
According to a new report conducted by Juniper Research, global concern over the possible election of Donald Trump as the next U. S. President and other economic concerns, have found that the price of Bitcoin could experience a massive increase.
Trump presidency ranked within Top 10 global risks
According to the study by Juniper Research, they found that the total value of Bitcoin transactions is predicted to exceed $92 billion by the end of 2016, up from less than $27 billion in the previous year.
In a statement, Windsor Holden, head of forecasting & consultancy at Juniper Research said:
‘If Donald Trump becomes president of the U. S., there is the very real prospect of turmoil on world markets – the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks his presidency within the Top 10 global risks. However, bitcoin trading would thrive in such an environment, at least until the impact on major fiat currencies becomes clear.’

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-07-07.

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