Chinese Miners Allegedly Planning to Hard Fork Bitcoin

It is important to note these details are not officially confirmed by any of the Chinese mining pools right now.
For those people who assumed the Bitcoin block size debate was settled once and for all, bust open the popcorn yet again. Chinese mining pools are colluding to hard fork and support 2MB blocks. In doing so, they would go against everything Bitcoin Core has been working on so far, and use Bitcoin Classic instead.
The Bitcoin block size debacle has been a source of great controversy for nearly a year now. Many experts feel the Bitcoin block size needs to be increased, yet there are different ideas as to how this will happen. Bitcoin Core developers have a roadmap to implement Segregated Witness, which is a [temporary] solution to the block size. Bitcoin Classic, on the other hand, recently unveiled their new client which increases the block size to 2MB right now through a hard fork.

This post was published at NewsBTC on 9:30 am July 1, 201.

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