New Ransomware Extorts 70 Bitcoins in Three Weeks

An improved version of CryptXXX ransomware has raked in over $45,000 in three weeks after fixing a crypto flaw that allowed victims to recover their data for free.
Over the last few months a cat-and-mouse game has ensued with CryptXXX developers and security researchers with the researchers sourcing out ways for victims to reclaim back their data without paying the ransom.
Despite the fact that researchers from Kaspersky Lab hadprovided a free tool to victims to decrypt their data that would normally cost them more than $500, it wasn’t long before the developers at CryptXXX were able to defeat the decryptor after tweaking their code.
This cat-and-mouse game has continued between the two parties; however, now, it seems as though CryptXXX remain with the upper hand after the developers released a new CryptXXX variant, earlier this month, that has no decryptor available.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 29/06/2016.

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