Multiple Bidders Claim $16 Million in Australian Bitcoin Auction

Ernst & Young revealed today that multiple bidders claimed 24,518 BTC (worth roughly $16m at press time) as part of a scheduled bitcoin auction that began on 20th June and ended on 21st June.
E&Y, the professional services firm that oversaw the sale, did not disclose the price paid by bidders or the number of bidders involved, though it said participants had been notified of auction outcomes.
However, given that the funds were held in a publicly available bitcoin wallet, analysis indicates that as many as three to four winners were awarded funds in the sale. (The bitcoin wallet holding the funds was first identified by bitcoin user Adam Meister on YouTube).
Data from blockchain data provider Skry shows unknown winners claimed 13,999 BTC ($9.25m), 6,517 BTC ($4.27m) and 1,999.99 BTC ($1.31m), with the largest winner claiming seven 2,000 BTC blocks as part of the auction.

This post was published at Coin Desk on June 28, 2016.

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