As Bitcoin Mining Stabilizes, Bitmain Announces the Release of its New S9 ASIC Miner

Today, Bitmain, the Beijing-based Bitcoin mining giant, is releasing its new S9 ASIC miner. It is the first commercially available mining unit to use a cluster of 189 16nm ASICs and deliver a mining power of 14TH/s per single unit.
The S9 compares favorably to both Bitmain’s earlier models of miners and products of other companies. With an advertised hashrate of 14TH/s at a 1.38kW energy consumption, it offers an almost threefold increase in productivity at a similar rate of expenditure, when compared to the company’s last model, S7.
In its official announcement, Bitmain claims to have delivered ‘the most efficient 16nm Bitcoin miner’ with low energy consumption and reasonable maintenance costs. The S9 is going to be available in limited quantities, so potential buyers should place their orders beforehand, on Bitmain’s website.
The ups and downs of Bitcoin mining
The Bitcoin network has experienced a sharp difficulty spike over the past two years, and mining became mostly an affair limited to professional enthusiasts and dedicated companies.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-05-31.

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