Bitcoin-Powered Remittance Startup Wins Deloitte Tech Competition

TransferB, a startup looking to disrupt the international money transfer market using Bitcoin, has won the 2015 Deloitte Top Technology Talent Competition, Deloitte Ireland announced on Tuesday.
Led by Irish university students Claire Kelleher and Peter Nagle, TransferB is a Bitcoin-leveraged remittance service looking to undercut the high fees charged by firms such as Western Union and MoneyGram, while providing a more efficient and faster way of sending money across national borders.
The team has already started talks with leading Bitcoin firms and is looking to conclude strategic partnerships with these companies to enable the conversion of Bitcoin into local fiat currencies, TransferB said.
Commenting on his winning, Nagle said in a release:
“The competition has benefited us immensely by allowing us to gain first-hand experience of life at Deloitte, while also allowing us to examine the impact that technology can have on society and businesses, through the development of our business idea.”

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2015-05-02.

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