Bitcoin: The Benevolent Virus (Op-Ed)

Bitcoin is a virus spreading with no cure. It transmits itself through the ideas of others and travels via digital networks of information. Eating up the processing power of computer systems and decaying the roots of analog money, Bitcoin is the spread of a benevolent virus.
The ALS ice-bucket challenge is a prime example how an idea can spread virally, and enabled by digital information. Every participant becomes involved by being referred by a previous one, and they themselves refer two more in turn, creating viral growth of the idea. The driving factor behind this viral growth is the implanting of an idea of the host, from there it can often come to consume the participant.
A cancer which develops in the body grows by way of turning existing cells into deadly cancer cells. Every patient who has ever dealt with cancer before knows that once that growth of cancer reaches a particular point, there is no hope of a recovery. The cancer will take its course and there is very little the host can do to combat it. Eventually, this cancer grows so large that it self-destructs as it effectively kills the very environment, which had allowed it to thrive.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2015-03-11.

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