In a bid to gain wider acceptance, the Darkcoin development team, headed by creator Evan Duffield, is presently considering a complete re-branding effort.
The current leading idea per the forums is ‘Dash,’ with no ‘coin’ in the name. The new name is supposed to be short for ‘digital cash,’ while at the same time the name is meant to play on the instant transaction feature implemented in the most recent stable version of Darkcoin. Duffield posted to the Darkcoin community forums yesterday afternoon:
I am very happy with the way development is going. We’ve been able to refine our privacy technology, successfully released InstantX and have developed the Masternode network into a strong and truly decentralized platform. […] Because of this I believe we’re currently approaching a very important phase of the development of Darkcoin.[…] It’s time that we start exploring some of the ways we can become a true competitor to Bitcoin. […] Because of this I no longer feel the name Darkcoin reflects the true essence of the project and have decided to rebrand our product. […] Dash represents the goals that we’re trying to achieve, to be a fast, friendly and scalable online payment system.
Also mentioned in the post was that the Darkcoin network will in the future be able to handle ‘billions’ of transactions per day, a key component of mass market adoption.
Mixed Reception
Reception by the Darkcoin community was mixed. ‘Considering how often it comes up, I’ve always assumed a name change was inevitable,’ said one user, adding that he didn’t like the proposed new name. ‘I don’t necessarily mind a rebranding but Dash shouldn’t even be considered,’ said another.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on March 11, 2015.

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