Are you a savvy investor? Maybe you became involved with Bitcoin strictly as an investment, and don’t care for it as a currency. Now you have some Bitcoin, and you have heard every financial guru and analyst scream ‘Buy Gold!’ over the last few years. Even your central bank is loading up on Gold as we speak, and they are at the top of the capital market’s food chain, so why not get in on an uncommonly undervalued Gold buyer’s market? You would like to, but are having a tough time finding a way to get your hands on physical gold, not EFTs. An EFT always has the potential to become a worthless IOU down the line. Why risk that? Maybe Vaultoro can help.
Vaultoro Opens Swiss Gold Vaults to Bitcoiners
Vaultoro is the brainchild of brothers Joshua and Philip Scigala in London, I spoke to co-founder Joshua about his new business venture that caters to the Bitcoin investor in all of us. With the Vaultoro service, now you can save Bitcoin securely, long-term, and buy Gold, no matter how small an investment you need to start with. Sounds interesting. Let’s find out the inside story.
Tell me about yourself and the genesis of this venture. How did you come up with the idea, and how have you reached this point.
‘I sometimes wonder why I fell so in love with Bitcoin. With my interest in Austrian economics, I knew that a lot of the major problems we see in the world are due to the centralized control of debt as money. What that means is that if I have 50 dollars in my pocket then someone somewhere owes $50 plus interest to a bank! The issue scales out (on a national scale), as we now see nations owning other nations through debt, Greece, for example. And this whole downward spiral is caused by the way money is created because most nations around the world lend money into existence with interest.
Bitcoin was this huge positive move in the right direction! Why? Because, like gold, it is spent into existence. Circulating without intrinsic debt.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on February 17, 2015.

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