UMEX Exchange Implements Bitcoin Price Volatility Protection

Given the recent Bitcoin price swings, the digital currency’ s volatility is once again becoming a topic of heavy debate as to why people should or should not get involved with BTC. Several companies are trying to protect their users from this volatility in one way or another. UMEX, a prominent Bitcoin exchange platform currently in its beta stage, has implemented to a feature which will switch the Bitcoin trading session to an auction-esque system.
Protection Against Bitcoin Price Volatility
Trading on a cryptocurrency exchange platform without volatility as we have seen over the past few months is risky enough as is. Even though users are always subject to price swings of any of the coins involved, including fiat currency, UMEX wants to reduce the risk when it comes to trading Bitcoin. Especially considering the rather negative press Bitcoin is receiving as of late.

This post was published at Crypto Articles on February 10, 2015.

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