Coinbase Discontinues its Bitcoin Tipping Services, Backs ChangeTip

Bitcoin wallet and exchange Coinbase today announced its plan to discontinue its Bitcoin tipping services effective April 1st this year.
As stated in the company’s blog, the reason behind their sudden withdrawal from micro tipping business is ChangeTip – another bitcoin tipping service which has been constantly ruling the market. In Coinbase’s own words, the latter has got ‘some better traction and done a great job at pushing the tipping ecosystem forward.’
Coinbase further announced that it would encourage its existing tipping customers base – around 10,000 individuals – to move to ChangeTip. ‘We’d like to support them instead of competing with them,’ stated the company’s blog while describing how ChangeTip is one of the excellent companies to have been using Coinbase APIs (for BTC storage, merchant tools, wallets, etc.)

This post was published at NewsBTC on February 11, 2015.

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