Turmoil at GAW Miners Spreads to Subsidiary Phone Service

Customers of GAW High Speed Internet, an Internet and phone services provider operated by the parent company of controversial bitcoin startup GAW Miners, are reporting service issues.
The development is notable as GAW’s phone customers aren’t the only ones experiencing disruptions to their service. The news comes amid reports of SEC investigations into GAW Miners, senior staff exits and the potential resignation of GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza, suggesting the service interruptions may also be indicative of broader operational issues at the parent company.
PayBase customers have been reporting issues on Hash Talk, GAW’s community forum, in recent weeks. For example, the company locked users out of PayBase after the launch of a planned gift card service and an internal market crash that followed on 18th January, an incident which sent the price of paycoin plunging. GAW Miners also recently announced the shutdown of its ZenCloud cloud mining platform.
Both GAW High Speed Internet and GAW Miners are subsidiaries of Geniuses At Work Corp, and the Internet service and phone provider is owned by GAW Miners investor and Cantor Fitzgerald vice chairman Stuart Fraser.

This post was published at Coin Desk on February 5, 2015.

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