The Long Term Price of Litecoin… So Many Twists and Turns

Litecoin, in recent weeks, has been the cause of some speculation. A price drop in the litecoin world was experienced that saw the currency hovering at around $1.20 and then $1.80. Now, there has been a bit of a surge in the litecoin price that suggests that a $2 price in the near future may not be out of bounds. As digital currency enthusiasts, I suppose we must all be grateful for every little step forward.
Yet in July of last year, litecoin held a price of around $7. Following a drop in bitcoin price that naturally also affected fellow altcoins (litecoin amongst them), the litecoin price was eventually able to rebound to about $5. This certainly wasn’t much, especially for the time, but what we have to understand and consider is that litecoin is still fairly young, about two to three years younger than bitcoin, and if bitcoin can encounter problems and fluctuations, then we are required to grant the same flexible ground to litecoin.

This post was published at NewsBTC on February 3, 2015.

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