Bitcoin Daily Digest: Polish Bank Blocks BTC, Antonopoulos at Silk Road Trial and more

Banking suspension for Bitcoin service in Poland, Google news feed partnership with Coinbase, Antonopoulos called up for Silk Road trial, and many other events in CoinTelegraph news roundup for Sunday 1st February.
1 – Polish bank suspends Bitcoin exchange’s account
Digital currency exchange had its bank account closed after the Polish WNK bank raised concerns about the start-up’s Bitcoin trading activity. In a letter to the exchange, the banking subsidiary of Santander explains:
‘Bitcoin turnover, which is visible on your account, is not covered by the unambiguous provisions of Polish law.’
2 – Google adds Coinbase to supported partnerships for the Google Now app
Google has enabled Android users of their popular live-updates app ‘Now’ to receive update cards from Coinbase. Promoting the news on the company’s blog, Coinbase explains:
‘These notifications […] will provide you with timely updates, like bitcoin price changes, the delivery of bitcoin to your Coinbase wallet, and other transaction information.’
3 – Andreas Antonopoulos to appear at the Silk Road trial
Andreas Antonopoulos has been called up as an expert witness for Ross Ulbricht’s defense team. The evangelical Bitcoin figure will be providing the court with an overview of the history of Bitcoin and explanation of the mechanics of the system.
‘[T]he defense plans to call Andreas M. Antonopoulos to provide expert opinion testimony.’
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This post was published at Coin Telegraph on Charlie Richards @ 2015-02-02.

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