How to Get a Job in Bitcoin

So you want a job in Bitcoin? Or Dogecoin or Darkcoin or ATOMIC? Disclosure: as someone who has a job in cryptocurrency, I give you my congratulations. Joining the future sooner than later is a smart move, not to mention a thrill.
But how to get the job you want in such a new field? After navigating the process, these would be my top five tips from personal experience:
1. Compile and scout crypto company websites
Many (and maybe most) cryptocurrency companies’ websites feature a ‘Jobs’ or a ‘Join Us’ page. To save time, use lists – like the partner list found on CoinTelegraph, Coinality or CoinHR and begin to canvas these websites for jobs postings.
Remember to include the many different kinds of cryptocurrency operations out there: wallet providers, investment funds, software developers, consultants, exchanges, prediction markets, casinos, media outlets, etc.
2. Check forums
Many crypto operations have an official discussion forum. Bitcoin has one, Nxt has one, the SuperNet has one, etc. Often, these forums feature jobs listings. If a given forum doesn’t yet feature a jobs section, join the forum and ask that one be added.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2015-01-26.

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