One thing, which can be certain within the bitcoin world, is that some events are so extraordinary that they seem like fiction. An event, which you may or may not have been following these last couple of years, is the case of Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht.
The Silk Road was a notorious underground (or rather, dark web, the cyber version of ‘underground’) website that had ‘morals’, of a sort. No weapons, no contracts for Hitmen, no illicit pictures/pornography, no stolen credit cards or bank details. Mostly drugs, some forgeries, and a variety of legal goods, such as books, cigarettes, erotica, jewelry, art.
Ross Ulbricht lived a frugal life, allegedly operated a site that reduced street crime and violence, and introduced consumers to merchants who seemed to care a lot more about their customers. Often giving advice and guidelines how to take their drugs, and on how to know your limits.
It beggars the question why the US Federal state despised him so. In so much that they set him up to create a fake murder charge to plant on him. They (the Fed) had the target already arrested, then apparently let the information purposefully leak. Then had the proposed ‘hitman’ (an undercover Federal agent), lined up ready for Ross to hire (this charge has since been dropped).
How dubious does this make his case? On this alone the entire case against him is suspect and tainted (noble cause corruption).

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on January 21, 2015.

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