6 Charts That Show Massive Bitcoin ATM Growth in 2014

Last October, the first bitcoin ATM was installed in the Waves Coffeehouse in Vancouver. It marked the start of a battle among manufacturers to control one of the few tangible interfaces with the bitcoin markets.
Now, just over 13 months later, the number of machines, manufacturers and locations has exploded. Millions of dollars worth of machinery has already been sold, with no shortage of new ATM makers joining the competition.
The 6 charts below explore the growth of the bitcoin ATM based on data from CoinDesk’s Mapand the excellent Coin ATM Radar, which both track deployments of machines globally.
(Note that we have used figures for the number of ‘live’ machines for all charts except the first and last, which count all machines installed over time. The difference between the number of ‘live’ machines and the total number of installations is 20 units.)
We start off with an interactive map of bitcoin ATM installations around the world. This illustrates the proliferation of the cryptocurrency machines in the 13 months or so since they’ve been introduced.

This post was published at Coin Desk on December 26, 2014.

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