Surviving and Thriving in Minecraft’s Latest Virtual Bitcoin Economy

Gaming has long been seen as a potential use case environment for bitcoin and other digital currencies, given that the online entertainment sector is an established testing ground for new payment mechanisms and models.
Differences in implementation and focus aside, digital currency holds the potential to constitute core functions within a gaming environment. Today, both new and existing games are beginning to tap bitcoin for inclusion in their platforms.
A new Minecraft server named BitQuest is hoping to utilize decentralized currencies to both boost participation as well as create a more dynamic gaming environment. BitQuest follows in the footsteps of several other bitcoin-powered servers, including the now-defunct BitVegas which once offered various mini-games denominated in digital currency.
Incorporating the Xapo API and the game’s broad capabilities for developers, the BitQuest team has created an environment in which bitcoin functions as its base currency in an organic, easy-to-understand way. Notably, players are unable to deposit bitcoins: ‘bits’ can only be gathered from in-game actions through an item-based resource system.
According to chief developer Cristin Gonzles, this approach keeps the playing field fair for both new and experienced players. The game is funded through a mixture of donations, sponsorships and an in-house mining operation, and players that want to withdraw their accrued bits need a Xapo wallet.

This post was published at Coin Desk on Published on December 7, 2014.

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