Feathercoin Price Continues to Decline
Since the pre-NeoScrypt spike in October, the Feathercoin price has steadily declined. However, the Feathercoin price had remained fairly steady at ~7,000 satoshis since mid-November. But the decline resumed this week.
The Feathercoin price began the week of November 27-December 4 at 7,001 satoshis. It hovered just below that mark for the next two days but began to fall on November 29. By December 1, the Feathercoin price had dropped almost 1,000 satoshis to 6,090.
Following the drop, the Feathercoin price continued to decline at a minor rate. At time of writing, the Feathercoin price was 5,972 satoshis, leaving the altcoin with a market cap of ~$1.38 million.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on December 5, 2014.

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