Thinking Of Silk Road 3? Don’t.

An update to my post on the bust of Silk Road 2, because there apparently are some folks who read my article and recently emailed me trying to claim that there’s some magical incantation that I didn’t know about (and was attempting to pin the entire thing on an unencrypted laptop.)
Since it’s a slow news day and I’m bored let me respond to the handful of emails I received over the last few weeks on this topic: If you’re too stupid to read for content you definitely shouldn’t be doing drug deals (or anything else illegal) on the Internet. You will get caught.
As for how Forbes had an interesting article on it at the time that I didn’t cite for a simple reason — I wrote about this attack vector back in May of 2013 based on my own work over the previous several years including an examination of the code itself. This is what I said at the time (yes, the link is aged off and you can’t read the whole article, so I won’t bother linking it):
Tor. Tor is a package comprising what is known as the “Onion Router” that encrypts traffic and routes it through multiple computers all over the globe, and is used for web surfing. It sounds good, but there are risks associated with it.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2014-11-23.

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