Tell CoinTelegraph Your Banking Horror Stories by November 28 and win 3BTC!

CoinTelegraph and ShapeShift have launched a competition for the best anecdotal banking horror stories – it’s your chance to vent your anger and win 3BTC into the bargain!
We’ve all been there; we all know how it is: an innocent query or everyday problem turns into a reenactment of War and Peace, or a major mistake by your financial institution becomes a battle of epic proportions before one side emerges victorious.
Hours of your time wasted, sometimes your money as well. Not to mention the exercise in self-restraint involved in dealing with understaffed bank branches, bewildering hotlines and incompetent representatives.
Perhaps you’ve waged war with the banking sector and won, in which case, congratulations. At CoinTelegraph, however, we’re giving you the chance to share your grievances with a wider audience, and reap considerably better benefits in the process.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-11-19.

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