Tim Draper-Backed Bitcoin Exchange Vaurum Rebrands as Mirror

Vaurum, an institutional-grade exchange platform for bitcoin investors, has changed its name to Mirror.
The Palo Alto-based company aims to build out a ‘mirror’ of the traditional financial system by providing more liquidity to bitcoin markets.
In a blog post published today about the rebranding, Mirror presented its platform as one that would include several advanced services including escrow-based trading and liquidity. Mirror also announced some service consolidation that it said will allow the company to leverage technology it is building to develop cryptocurrency into a more advanced asset class.
Mirror CEO Avish Bhama said that increasing liquidity in the bitcoin markets makes the ecosystem safer for everyone involved:
‘We’re focused on providing liquidity and facilitating trading in a safe way by eliminating as much counterparty risk as we can.’

This post was published at Coin Desk on November 12, 2014.

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