Ghana Startup Launches Bitcoin Donations Hub to Aid Ebola Fight

Unable to ignore the Ebola crisis in neighbouring Sierra Leone, Ghana-based remittances service Beam has launched a donations hub to raise funds for charities fighting the outbreak.
Launched on Monday, Bitcoin Against Ebola is a non-profit initiative that aims to reduce the percentage of charitable donations lost to fees in fiat currency money transfers.
The website will effectively act as a conduit for people in other parts of the world to send donations via bitcoin to two registered NGOs working in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Liberty Groupand LunchBoxGift. It is also possible to remit money to family or friends affected by the crisis.
Beam‘s CEO Nikunj Handa told CoinDesk:
“We just couldn’t stand the fact that over 15% of the money [people] were sending to Sierra Leone to help their country was being spent on transaction fees.”

This post was published at Coin Desk on November 6, 2014.

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