I’ve been called crazy countless times in my life. I was called crazy when I quit school in my teens in order to go out into the world to gain true knowledge and experience. I was called crazy when I quit my “secure” job at a bank and started an internet company in 1994 (which went on to be worth $240 million at its peak). I was (and still am) called crazy when I began to state forcibly in 2009 that we are nearing the very end of this monetary and financial system.
And I was (and still am) called crazy for thinking bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have the potential to change everything.
What I’ve learned through it all is that you have to look at who is calling you crazy. For the most part they believe in all the systems built up around us and think that is the way to true prosperity. If there is one word to describe them, it is “dogma”. For whatever reason they believe that whatever the “authorities” (politicians, mainstream media, teachers etc.) say is not only true but incontrovertible.
The great majority of media and sources of information in the world today are not only un-visionary… they actually have no vision whatsoever. They are just repeating what they are told. And what they are told is mostly all lies.
In regard to bitcoin, I first began talking about it here in 2011 when it was at $3. Soon after it went to $30 and then ground all the way back down to $3 over the next year amidst many hoots and hollering of how crazy I was.

This post was published at Dollar Vigilante on November 3rd, 2014.

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