Magnus Daar Esq. of Nova, a law firm based in Sweden, feels that KNC’s actions might hurt Sweden’s reputation for other companies who started their business in Sweden. Sweden has been the birthplace of many popular companies, services, and products such as Skype, Spotify, and Minecraft. KNC’s business methods of illegally denying refunds to Titan customers, and falsely portraying the KNC Titan in a way that makes it seem profitable, are downright dirty as they are illegal. KNC’s negative actions are the exception when it comes to Swedish companies, rather than the rule.
Sweden’s Magnus Daar’s Group Lawsuit is Open for New Participants To quell the illegal actions of KNC and help KNC Titan customers find restitution, Magnus Daar has opened a Group Lawsuit against KNC. He seeks to find new participants to join the case that he believes has considerable strength. Many KNC customers took out loans to pay for their KNC Titan orders after reading the marketing propaganda that KNC produced. KNC shipped profitable Jupiter mining equipment, and people thought that KNC would keep on producing profitable mining equipment. Instead, they decided to build massive data centers and ship used data center equipment as ‘Super Jupiters.’

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on October 21, 2014.

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