On track: Bitnation CEO Rides Out Storm to Focus on Future

Blockchain governance system Bitnation came under the spotlight this week when its crowdsale was unexpectedly postponed. Its vending partner, concerned about a negative reaction from Australian policy makers, withdrew the day of the launch. Additional internal conflicts cast further doubt over the future of the project as a whole, and CoinTelegraph reached out to managerial staff for further information.
However, notably absent from the earlier interview was Bitnation co-founder and CEO Susanne Tartowski Tempelhof. Now, she speaks to CoinTelegraph about the crowdsale, which despite many obstacles has launched, and focuses attention on the future prospects of Bitnation as a unique tool in cryptocurrency.
Tempelhof has already had an active career in supporting disruptive entities in the political realm. With a focus on the Middle East in particular, the firm foundations she gives to Bitnation’s potential is clear from her plans for the project, which is now advancing with as much determination as ever.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-10-17.

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