Crowd payment solutions provider Mobbr announced the launch of a crows payment platform known as Mobbr Crowd Payments, which also has Bitcoin as one of its currencies. The platform is the world’s first and only crowd payments platform for the collaborative economy.
Mobbr’s platform activates the potential of crowd-sourced labor. Users of the platform sign up for an account which they can use to look for tasks and team members with whom they can collaborate on accomplishing the tasks therein.
One of the unique features of Mobbr is the ‘social salary.’ The social salary is a functionality that distributes money to laborers with a single click, and this enables professionals be paid easily. The laborers can work when, where and for whomever they want. Mobbr Crowd Payments is the first, and only payment platform designed specifically for online labor and is a full-fledged e-wallet and payment solution that facilitates the tapping into the collective workforce of crowds.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on October 17, 2014.

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