NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) – There are some people who believe that to build mass acceptance of bitcoin, you’ve got to give it away. Hey listen; it’s worked for the U. S. dollar. The Fed can’t print greenbacks fast enough. But really, handing out cash is a time-honored tradition for gaining influence. It’s worked for politicians and organized crime (is that redundant?) since the beginning of time.
What we need is a good old-fashioned cheesy game show with a snappy theme, ringing buzzers and a mess of free bitcoins. Turns out we’ve got one.
A worldwide comedy payoff
‘Take My Bitcoins’ launched in April of this year. Hosted by Mike Rotman – who looks very much like a grizzlier version of Leonard Hotstadter from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – the bitcoin-themed game show is just as campy and shoestring-budget produced as one could hope for.
With a raucous crowd of no more than six or seven studio audience members (the production crew) providing the applause and requisite whoops, hollers and chuckles, the program is somehow more entertaining than I was prepared to admit.

This post was published at Inside Bitcoins on Oct 14, 2014.

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