CryptoThrift Suffers Security Breach, 15 BTC Stolen, Escrow Service Suspended

Another popular bitcoin site has been the victim of a hack. CryptoThrift, an ‘eBay like’ site that allows buyers and sellers conduct their transactions in both Bitcoin and Litecoin, announced today that they lost a ‘little over’ 15 BTC that was being held in escrow in a hot wallet. The attack took place early Sunday morning.
The funds, which the company says it will cover, were being held in escrow during the duration of various sales. CryptoThrift has stated that the majority of the funds being held in escrow were held in offline storage, safe from the attacker. That security practice is credited with lessening the effect of the attack.
CryptoThrift blames an unnamed third party plug-in for the leak, in a statement emailed to the press and posted on their blog:

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-10-07.

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