Do’s and Don’ts of Bitcoin Fundraising Campaigns

So you love Bitcoin, and you wanna do something great with it to help change the world? That’s wonderful, you’re an idealist with vision, passion and the courage to reach out and DO SOMETHING meaningful and positive for the world, but are you ready to take on the challenge?
Here are a few tips from someone who’s been on the Bitcoin frontline and learned a thing or two about what, and what not to do.
Don’t try and do everything yourself! Bitcoin fundraising is all very well, and if you get a good opportunity to get some publicity, or find yourself in a position to raise some money that’s great: use it wisely.
There are lots of projects and charities out there that are already underway and have good support networks, infrastructure and networks available already. Do you want to try to do something new? or would you be more comfortable joining a larger program or organisation?
Sean’s Outpost and the Bitgive Foundation are both well established charity projects, and there are many examples of charities supported by exchanges like Ice Cubed and the Bitcoin Foundation like Alekenani’s Botswana program and BitPesa’s Donation program for projects in Kibera.

This post was published at Bitcoin Magazine on OCTOBER 2, 2014.

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