Living Room of Satoshi wins Banking Industry “Startup Showdown”

A new bill paying cryptocurrency platform wins ‘Best Pitch’ at the Technology & Innovation – The future of Digital Payments Conference recently held at the Sidney Hilton Hotel.
If you are over 50 years old you probably remember sitting at the kitchen table each monday writing and mailing checks to pay your bills. Bill paying has always been either tedious or expensive and is often both.
When this began to change with things like automatic bill payments and direct deposits, exorbitant fees and mistakes like overbilling started becoming commonplace. The Brisbane, Australia startup Living Room of Satoshi is looking to change this however. The new bill paying platform was voted as ‘Best Pitch’ by attendees of the Technology & Innovation-the Future of Digital Payments Conference recently held at the Sidney Hilton Hotel in Australia.
The Living Room of Satoshi is a Bitcoin bill paying services that was launched in May of 2014. The service allows Australian residents to pay any BPay-enabled bill using Bitcoin although they are not affiliated with BPay. Users can pay anything such as credit card, utility and phone bills, school fees as well as taxes using the service and there are no fees for the customer.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-09-26.

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