IBM-Samsung partner to reinvigorate blockchain technology

Forget Apple Pay and its mobile brethren; IBM and Samsung are busy realizing the first application of block chain technology by major corporations – and fast.
The partnership will see the technology giants consult on Adept, a protocol which will be used to overcome various problems associated with the increasingly frequently mentioned Internet of Things.
In charge is IBM’s head of mobile and internet, Paul Brody. In an interview with Gigaom last week, Brody considered the current impracticalities of the IoT concept and how it was necessary to streamline at the fundamental level.
‘For him the internet of things as a plethora of devices talking to the cloud doesn’t make much fundamental sense. There’s way too much overhead in operating a cloud platform, especially for devices that are designed to live in people’s homes for a decade or longer,’ Gigaom summarizes following a podcast in which Brody spells out the intricacies of the idea.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-09-18.

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