Crypto for Change – Using Token Controlled Access to Power Affiliate and Member-Invite Programs

A world of exciting possibilities is unfolding as we wrap our heads around digital tokens (such as Counterparty assets like LTBcoin) and their uses. Here are a couple of use cases I have been thinking about lately: token-based affiliate programs and token-based member-invite-only systems.
Adam B. Levine explained the idea of Token Controlled Access and the specific application of this called Token Controlled Viewpoint, where visitors to a website have different privileges and levels of access based upon the specific digital tokens they hold in a particular Counterparty address.
Say you are starting your own secret society. You could create a website that looks like an strategy forum for the game of Risk on the outside and use that facade to hide your real plans for world domination from prying eyes. All it would take is a quick check by the system to see who possesses the right tokens to access the secret stuff.
Except, that would be a terrible idea.

This post was published at Lets Talk Bitcoin on September 18th, 2014.

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