Bitcoin: Buy Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

‘Many people dream of quitting their job, collecting their bags, and jetting off to a tropical paradise forever,’ the CoinDesk blog we looked over this morning reads.
‘Many people dream, but few people act. Gregory Simon is one of the few who decided to act.’
A couple years ago, Simon left a well-paying, 12-year career in the banking industry to travel full time.
After trekking through all of 2013 with his fiance, ‘we fell in love with Nicaragua for its natural beauty and kind people,’ he said in an interview with CoinTelegraph.
It’s true (about Nicaragua). Many of us here at our Baltimore HQ have been, including myself, and have said the same. (You’ll learn why we go there on a regular basis in future episodes.)
Simon loves ‘Nica’ so much he’s decided to move there…
This year, he bought a 0.3-acre plot of land for himself and his fianc in a town called San Juan Del Sur. His land is within a real estate development called Paradise Bay.

This post was published at Laissez Faire on SEP 17, 2014.

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