Russia Mulls Bitcoin Ban, Deputy Finance Minister: “People Can’t Use Surrogate Currencies as Tender”

Russia is prepared to stomp out Bitcoin, again. Comments from the Russian Ministry of Finance confirm the draft of a new bill which would severely restrict use of cryptocurrency in the country – if enforced.
Last month, CoinTelegraph reported on the rumors of the country’s renewed decision to ban transactions conducted with ‘money substitutes’ – including cryptocurrencies. Officials worry that the new currency carve out a shadow economy. Now, Russia Today reports that the drafted bill could pass as early as the current parliamentary session.
According to Russia Today, Deputy Finance Minister Alexsey Moiseev said: ‘People can play with their chips, and they can call them money, but they can’t use these surrogate currencies as tender.’

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-09-15.

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