DigitalTangible Launches Crypto 2.0-Powered Gold and Bitcoin Market

DigitalTangible has announced the formal launch of its crypto 2.0-powered, decentralized marketplace for gold and bitcoin traders.
While existing services allow bitcoin users to buy gold with bitcoin, DigitalTangible offers a novel innovation for the market, using an underlying crypto 2.0 protocol that issues tokens representing physical gold and attaches them to bitcoin addresses, thereby allowing traders to seamlessly move between bitcoin and gold.
Speaking to CoinDesk, DigitalTangible founder Taariq Lewis framed his service as one that will better cater to the needs of bitcoin’s existing gold enthusiasts, while attracting members of the wider precious-metals community who may have yet to participate in digital currency markets.
Lewis told CoinDesk:
‘If you look at our homepage, you’re looking at the price of bitcoin and the price of gold. If gold is going down and you own gold, and bitcoin is going up and you want to own bitcoin, you want to be able to move out of gold into bitcoin quickly and we’re going to be the only platform for you to do that.’

This post was published at Coin Desk on September 3, 2014.

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