‘The Middle East is Ripe for Bitcoin Adoption’ – Jad Mubaslat, CEO, BitQuick.me

This week, BitQuick announced the launch of its trading platform BitQuick.me in the Middle East. While there haven’t been more details on the topic, we reached out to its founder and CEO Jad Mubaslat, for enlightenment.
Jad Mubaslat is a senior student in biomedical engineering and avid entrepreneur based in Colombus, Ohio. He founded BitQuick, an over-the-counter (OTC) Bitcoin trading platform in February 2013, and hasn’t stopped working on the startup since. Today, BitQuick offers its services to customers across the world including North America, Europe, Asia, and most recently, the Middle East.
In his interview, Mubaslat shares his insights and expertise on various topics including Bitcoin’s future in the Middle East, the political landscape in the region, as well as his ambition in making BitQuick an international thing.
CoinTelegraph: Since BitQuick US/EU‘s launch in July 2013, you have expanded rapidly: Taiwan in October, India in December, and more recently, Middle East. There is also AltQuick for altcoins. Does your expansion reflect BitQuick’s demand growth, or does it conceal a long-term strategy?
Jad Mubaslat: BitQuick US/EU has attained over 5,400 customers since launching in August, 2013 and has a daily volume of around 20 BTC. Taiwan has also seen strong traction, attaining over 440 customers. India and AltQuick have had relatively low volume as of late, roughly 0.5 BTC daily. We are trying to position ourselves to have a strong international presence when Bitcoin adoption picks up in the emerging markets.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2014-08-31.

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