The ‘Worthless Currency Exchange’ at Burning Man’s Camp Bitcoin

Flipping through my 160-page official Burning Man book of events, I noticed something strange: Camp Bitcoin was hosting a ‘worthless currency exchange.’
Bitcoin Camp?! Worthless currency exchange? I had some candies in my backpack that could certainly count as currency here.
It was about 4 pm when I left the Burning Man Reddit meetup, where I had been listening to two-dozen guys talk ‘Star Wars’ trivia, and had been misted by someone with a pesticide sprayer full of water. The Redditers told me that the bitcoin guys were just a few streets away, in the Anahasana Village, and that they were a bunch of nerds, real geeks.
The Anahasana Village (Burning Man villages are collections of smaller camps that share resources, like a kitchen) is famous for its contact-improv sessions (standing cuddle puddles) and its Orgy Dome (what it sounds like).
It’s not where one might expect to find Camp Bitcoin.

This post was published at Recode on August 28, 2014,.

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