iPhone 6 Might Feature Bitcoin Functionality

The latest patent filing by Apple reveals a digital wallet designed to potentially include ‘virtual currencies’, leading to speculation that it might allow payments using bitcoins Apple’s (AAPL) latest patent has gone public and unsurprisingly given rise to speculations that Apple might launch a payment service alongside the impending release of its iPhone 6, due on September 9. However, the patent does not give away the the nature of the service or its launch date.
According to reports the patent application reveals the architecture of the service that depicts the characteristics of a mobile wallet. The report said the patent describes an ‘omni-wallet’, which contains enhanced security features for iPhone users and is designed to hold digital credit cards, debit cards and even ‘virtualized currencies’. However, this does not fully guarantee that the rumored service will support bitcoins.

This post was published at BIDNESS ETC on August 28, 2014.

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