St. Petersburg Welcomes BitPay

In preparation for the upcoming NCAA bowl game, BitPay has established a full-time presence in St. Petersburg. We now have two full-time employees located in St. Petersburg and will be bring teams down throughout the fall to work with local business who want to accept bitcoin. ESPN and BitPay are working diligently with the local St. Pete community to prepare the city for the biggest bitcoin event in the world.
This past weekend, several people from our team met with businesses in St. Petersburg/Tampa area to talk about Bitcoin. The area had a great atmosphere filled with excitement for bitcoin and the bowl game.
A press conference with ESPN was held last Friday where we announced that BitPay will be working with merchants in St. Petersburg/Tampa to with integrate bitcoin acceptance throughout the area. The press conference was held at the St. Petersburg Museum of History and also allowed us to officially announce our 3-year sponsorship deal.

This post was published at BitPay on August 27th, 2014.

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